Within us is the ability to live with courage, to have fulfilling relationships, to enjoy good health and prosperity, to feel and show true compassion for others, and the power to face and surmount our deepest problems.

buddha basics


A Human Revolution

Crucial to living a winning life is to undergo an inner transformation that will enable us to bring out our highest human qualities and change our circumstances.

a human revolution


It is the promise of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism that we can attain a state of freedom and unshakable happiness for ourselves while creating harmony with others.

a human revolution


A way of life


Buddhism is a way of life that—on the most fundamental level—makes no distinction between the individual human being and the environment in which that person lives. 

Thus, to a Buddhist, self-improvement and enhancement of our circumstances go hand in hand.   

a way of life


A way of life


While the word Buddha may conjure up images of a specific person from history courses we have taken, it is also a description of the highest state of life each of us can achieve.

Buddha actually means ‘awakened one,’ and the historical Buddha (known as Shakyamuni or Siddhartha Guatama) discovered that all humans have a potential for enlightenment-or Buddhahood-in the depths of their lives.

a way of life


Infinite Potential

By tapping into this infinite reservoir of potential, we can find unlimited wisdom, courage, hope, confidence, compassion, vitality and endurance.

Instead of avoiding or fearing our problems, we learn to confront them with joyful vigor, confident in our ability to surmount whatever life throws in our path.

Infinite potential


Myself and others

When our capacity increases and our character is strengthened, the source of our problems comes under our control.

Because we make an internal change, our relationship with our problems changes as well.

myself and others


Having desires

As we proceed in our human revolution we elevate our state of life,  magnetizing our lives to attract that which will further our happiness.

Through this process of inner reformation—both improving ourselves and making efforts to help others—we can also fulfill our dreams and desires.

Rather than calling for the eradication of desires, Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism recognizes that to be human means to have desires.

Not only do we fulfill our desires as we change ourselves through Buddhist practice, but the very pursuit of those desires through our practice propels us toward our enlightenment.

having desires


Key to winning

Buddhism is the practice that allows us access to this storehouse and unleashes our inherent power to take on all of life’s challenges and win.

Winning in life, however, is not the absence or avoidance of problems. Being human, almost by definition, means we will constantly meet up with challenges.

Inside each human being is a storehouse of all the necessary traits to tackle every problem that confronts us.

key to winning


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