Very belated

 Newsletter February 2010

Well what a fantastic break I had in Grenada, West Indies. I feel totally re-booted spiritually, mentally and physically. I really did not want to come back to UK – you know how it is – especially as it was so freezing cold. But on arrival I hit the ground running – I have never been so busy – all great things that I really wanted to do. More on that later…

Meanwhile I thought I might share a few pics to give you a flavour of the Spice Island. My favourite thing about Grenada is that it is teeming with eccentric entrepreneur expats and JCB’s (Just Come Backs) with wild ideas – some which make it off the drawing board, some that don’t. Every time I return it’s interesting to see whose mad venture is still up and running.

Grenadians are very integrated in every possible way. They love a full cultural mix. One magic moment was when two of our kids Anouska and Jack joined us. On their first night we took them to a Japanese/Grenadian sushi bar run by Italians on the Grand Anse beach. As we tucked in we were suddenly treated to an open air messianic preacher performance on the green opposite with music, singing, shouting and full on frothing at the mouth conversions. Hellfire, Chianti and sashimi is a weird mix, I don’t care what you say.

Can you spot my financial and political 'advisor' from the Far East?



Tea with the ex Chief Auditor of Hong Kong Beer and Boat


The ex Con(servative) Auditor Rawlings' special brew

Sandie and son Sandieland