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First published by Harper Collins in 1991.

This is a self-penned account by Sandie of her remarkable re-emergence in the Eighties and the parallels she draws with her earlier career in the Sixties.

Sandie Shaw was barely seventeen by the time she had her first Number One hit. But the schoolgirl from Dagenham, who had also won the Eurovision Song Contest and been feted all over the world by the time she was twenty, was more then happy to jump off the merry-go-round, when she married designer Jeff Banks, founder of Warehouse, and became a mother.

Ten years on, her marriage was over and she was penniless. Once Andy Warhol’s guest, she now found herself serving him in a Soho restaurant.

But her spirit was never vanquished. With the help of her new-found Buddhist faith she rediscovered who she was and emerged from the dark Seventies to start singing again, urged on by Morrissey of The Smiths, to influence a whole new generation of fans and to marry creator of Palace Pictures, Nik Powell. Now she is not just a memory but a new star in her own right.

In this mesmerizing story, told with zest, humour and soul-searching honesty, Sandie Shaw reveals herself as a true original; a woman who, despite reaching astounding highs and profoundly depressing lows, has never lost touch with her infectious vitality and resilient spirit.

'It will grip you to the very last page’ Company

‘A moving story of a woman learning to take control of her life…a delight’ Today

‘Engrossing’ Daily Telegraph

‘Refreshing’ Mail on Sunday


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