Dagenham Diva

Newsletter September 2010

What a scary, exciting happy month. I have been back full swing into promotion work. In practical terms this means make-up on every day, regular hairdressers, lots of dressing up in new clothes, staying in London and constantly delivering. I really miss the countryside, and my jeans and wellies and the quiet. On the up side it has been amazing to suddenly re-experience being Sandie Shaw again or as Billy Bragg has nick-named me, Lady Saga! What a great warm welcome everyone gives me wherever I go. I never realised how much I liked people back. I suppose you have seen a lot of the press and TV as David has been scurrying around trying to help me share it with you.


Another high point was going back to my old school, Robert Clack with The Times newspaper to introduce them to the student Council. I just love sharing time with them and working on the mentoring programme. I made sure they had tickets for the special Dagenham premiere of Made In Dagenham. I wanted them to know their heritage and to be inspired by the great things their grandparents achieved. I also met up with the original strike ladies from Fords and had a grand tour of what is left of the factory. I came home with two old school ties and a Fords logo shirt off the company man’s back.


A couple of things you would not have seen are some pics of me helping to raise funds for Centrepoint by auctioning off Sir Terence Conran’s collection of iconic chair designs. It is a really worthwhile cause and I am more than happy to act as Ambassador for their work with the young homeless of London. Some cheeky chap tried to bid for me saying that I was an iconic design too – but Tony stepped in just before I went under the hammer.

And to cap it all, I had great TV evening on the Jools Holland Show with a fabulously talented new female artist, who has become a great new friend, Rumer. And last but not least the discovery that The Scissor Sisters are my fans and were all jostling to have THEIR photo taken with ME! Wow! I wonder if they realise what a huge fan I am of their work. Oh this is the life….