Sandie DJs on BBC Radio 2: Dec 2nd and Dec 9th!

23 November 2006

On Saturday December 2nd and 9th Sandie takes over from Brian Matthews, who is unwell, to present the popular ‘Sounds of The Sixties’ show which broadcasts from 8-10am.
“I had a brilliant time. The producer, Roger Bowman was a delight and really good fun. Everyone at the Beeb was so helpful and friendly especially the traffic lady, Sally who offered me her reading specs for the scripts! While I was there I spoke to Julio Iglesias, who had been keeping my seat warm for me, looking tiny and fragile, but as ever the Latin gentleman. David Jacobs, Joe Brown and practically every producer and engineer in the building made some excuse to visit the studio. I even helped Steve Wright with his migraine, which made me feel useful. His studio is next door and as I am recording my programmes I can see and wave to him through the glass partition while he is on air, munching his way through plates of junk food and handfuls of Mars bars. Perhaps that has something to do with his headaches.
They laid on canapés and fruit and my running order, written on Beeb headed paper, described me as a ‘very special guest’. So I was treated very well. It was a real tonic to be there. After each programme there was always a bit of a kafuffle about which lucky man would accompany me down in the lift. I hope they ask me back again.” Sandie