June Newsletter and Interview

Newsletter June 2010

I am really busy organising the Goodwood Vintage festival at the moment and all the palava that goes with it. It is proving to be both intense fun and a pain in the backside.

Meanwhile I have been trying hard to keep up with Facebook and have neglected my Newsletters through sheer lack of time. I also have tried hard to answer individual contacts. I am always delighted when I hear from European fans. I had this question and answer from Italy and thought it might be good to share with all the Italians out there.Caio.



- First of all Sandie, many thanks to accept my requests for this interview. First question is about your name. how come from Sandra Ann Goodrich to Sandie Shaw?


I was always called Sandie as a kid. My manager’s husband suggested Shaw. As time goes by I prefer my real name and I try hard to live up to it!-


- At only 17 years old you opened your artistic life and was Adam Faith that help you I know. What do you remember that day of your first apparence on stage at “Ready Stedy Go”?


I wore a white broderie anglaise mini dress


- Which is the definitive truth about your barefoot when you sang?


They are all true. I have always gone barefoot. It is comfortable and normal to me even though it seems fascinating to everyone else. It seems to fit in with the ‘rags to riches’ mythology


- In the first sixties, you won a little battle… I think was so difficult became a female Star in the world of music that was controlled from men?


They still do. I am not aware of any record company that has a female CEO. Men think they are in control but in reality it is not the case. Women generally (but not specifically) tend to work around this by having a more co-operative and networking work style. Things are still changing for the better.


- Already with tour second single, “There’s always something there to remind me” you was First in UK. Were you sure to be successful or it’s been a surprise for you?


This may seem arrogant but it was no surprise to me.


- You was a classic english singer, how come your favourites was Ray Charles, The Chiffons or The Shirelles?


I like this kind of music and tried to style myself in this way – but it came out differently and here we are.


- Which was in your live acts your groups? A few of them became famous in the next years?

I cant remember. So many.


- I’m a great fan of The Kinks also; they were of your same label, Pye. Have you known Ray Davies? Can you tell me something about him?


Recently I was invited along with some other musicians to Buckingham Palace by the Queen. The invite did not include a guest. We were all very worried about going alone. Ray however arrived with a nurse on his arm to assist him with a small leg fracture. She was beautiful and blonde and looked very fetching in her uniform. I was not convinced…


- Here in Italy you had a stunning success.. What do you remember of the italian fans?


Really open and friendly. Sometimes a bit too friendly for such a cool English girl. They managed to show me how to open up and embrace my emotions and to enjoy life



- Had you friendly relationship with several italian co-workers?


Yes particularly with my A and R men, Pierro Ricci and Bruno who took it apon themselves to teach me all about Italian cuisine. Yummy


- One of your great successes was the Eurofestival with “Puppet on a string”. Some people says that in these days you hated this song… Why? If it is really?


Oh it was so long ago. I don’t think I have the energy to care anymore. Anyway I have recorded a new version called ‘Puppet’s Got A Brand New String’. You can download it exclusively from my website. It is lovely



- Which is a your song that you love more of the others and why?


I recently listened to the Italian version of One Note Samba. It is really cute. And of course there is E Ti Avro, the start of my love affair with Italy.



- You was loved from the italian people for your unsurpassed beauty like Françoise Hardy or Sylvie Vartan. What do you think about both of them?


I think they are both wonderful examples of iconic European beauty. I have Francoise’s new CD which I play when I am in France to get me in the mood.


- Are you happy today?


Yes thank you. England just won a football game!



- Many thanks Sandie for your suavity. Please, can you send a greeting to our readers?


I would love to come and visit you in Italy again. If you would like that too why don’t you start an online petition and if there are enough of you, I will organize it.

 Article written by

Claudio Scarpa