Sandie Shaw's Eurovision classic 
'Puppet On A String' given 2023 remixes
for the benefit of the women and children of Ukraine

Released on 12 May
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With Eurovision fever sweeping the UK and Liverpool playing host on behalf of Ukraine on 13 May, the UK's first ever winner, Sandie Shaw is releasing two new mixes of her iconic 1967 winning track 'Puppet On A String' and will use her platform to help shine a light on the challenges the women and children of Ukraine have to endure because of the conflict.

To be released on 12 May (pre-save here) - Sandie was inspired to release two new versions of the track having listened to a British midwife on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour who had just returned from working voluntarily in the Ukraine and talked about the impact of the war on their women and children. The two new versions are a remix collaboration with Love Houndz and a rearranged slower version with producer Howard Jones. 

Sandie Shaw says... "It was heartbreaking listening to this brave midwife talking about the profound impact the war has had on her personally but also how she eloquently talked about the impact it has had on all families from Ukraine.

"Without question, the devastating impact on the whole of Ukraine following Russia's abhorrent actions has put everyone in that country in danger, brave men having to leave their loved ones to fight their country's cause, but something that stuck me from this incredible woman's interview was the huge amount of emotional and physical burden that has been put on the mothers of Ukraine - some have stayed to help in the war effort, some have taken the heart wrenching decision to leave their homes, belongings and loved ones to protect their children - these are decisions no one should ever have to make and ones they live with every day not knowing when or if they will see their families again... it's truly heartbreaking.

"Upon hearing this story I wanted to do what I could to help these brave mothers and children. With Liverpool hosting Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine I wanted to use my platform to help shine a light on what is happening to them. It is also really important that we all help to try and rebuild their incredible country from this unnecessary ruin so I encourage everyone to give what they can afford to UNICEF and I will be giving any money I make from the release of these singles to them."


Please donate to UNICEF to help them support the women and children of Ukraine - donate here


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