Happy new year!

The best thing about this January is George Bush standing down, still without apology or taking responsibility for his awful mistakes. Glad to see the back of him. I wish President Obama well taking over the mess Mr Bush has caused by his ill-informed judgement and illegal war on Iraq. I see he has given his old croney Tony Bliar a big gong for assisting him in his stupidity. I wish Mr Bliar would disappear into obscurity and quietly enjoy the rest of his life without doing us any further harm. I wish Gordon Brown would do the right thing and call an election here. I wish the UK was not being run by Lady Mandy of Montenegro. I wish we had a political party and a leader worth voting for. I wish for a change for the better in the world.

happy new year




I suppose that is my 2009 New Year Wish List.

Meanwhile I am going to refresh my spirit in the West Indies and place an early order with Santa for next winter. Apparently that’s where he takes his post Christmas break.