December 9th

Newsletter December 09

Well it is nearing the end of the Noughties. Been a bit rough haven’t they? I don’t think I have ever worked so hard, but to be fair I played hard too. I think I am going have to be a bit more balanced about what I do in the future and use my time wisely.

I am so happy that the new website is up at last. What amazing feedback I have had from all over the world. And the Christmas card which David designed was a huge hit too. Keep on giving us your feedback please. I am ordering Sandie T mugs for all my mates for Christmas. I already have a framed poster on my office wall. The site will be updated regularly so keep checking.

I love the winter season in a cold climate but as soon as it’s over I want to be in the sunshine – so it’s the Caribbean again for me next year. Before I go I am guesting as Snow Queen in Make the Yuletide Gay with the Brighton Gay Men’s Choir at the Barbican, London on 19th December. Do you remember them on telly in Last Choir Standing? Anyway it’s for one night only and I am quite looking forward to having some fun. The following evening, 20th December, I am also guesting at a charity performance of Frank’s Closet in Hoxton. It is a musical written by a very dear friend of mine, Stuart Wood.

Have a great time over the holidays and prepare well for next year – I think it is going to be another roller coaster but on a happy note we might have a newer and better government. It is my hope that we begin learn what true democracy really is rather than the shabby undignified version we currently have.

I suppose that goes for all walks of life, including the music industry where I will be fighting alongside the other wonderful members of the Featured Artists Coalition for more financial transparency and fairness towards the creatives in the music community. Don’t get me started on the levels of exploitation that are presently employed by the existing industry business models to the detriment of the artist. This is going to change. I am determined. I have got my mojo working overtime. I think it is time to bow out now and calm down with a Sandie T mug of hot chocolate…..